Ten Series

Ten series or not?

Dr. Rolf invented Rolfing in a series of 10 sessions with each session building on the work of the previous session. The series work through compensations that could be preventing an area from getting better.

Example: Your back may hurt because your hips are uneven, and your hips may be uneven because your feet are rolling in/out. Just like it would be a waste of money to fix a crack in your wall if your foundation is not even, it can be a waste of money to work the same area over and over without working through the compensations.

I am willing to work outside the 10 series and sometimes I can take care of a problem in a few sessions, but I am always working within the Rolfing framework. Just like everyone should give their car a 50,000 mile check up, I believe everyone should get the 10 series at some point in time.

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