Frequent Questions:

Can Rolfing relieve
my pain?

How often should I come back?

Does Rolfing last?

What is advanced Rolfing?

How is Rolfing
different than...

Should I change my exercise routine...

How is your work different than...


Frequent Questions

6) Should I change my exercise routine
while I am getting rolfed?

No, not unless you are doing something detrimental in your exercise routine. By the end of the ten series you should have a good handle on what exactly they need to add or subtract from your exercises.

7) How is your work different
than other Rolfers?

Because of my background in yoga and pilates I give a lot of take home exercises and stretches. I feel that the client should understand their structural patterns and know what that can do themselves to keep their body as aligned as possible. I am always happy to hear clients tell me about how they got themselves out of pain by using some technique I taught them. I believe people can take care of most of their problems, it’s just that 10% they need a little help with. Truly Structural Integration is about living better not just fixing problems, the sooner we can get rid of the pain the sooner we can get on to the real work.

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