Frequent Questions:

Can Rolfing relieve
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How often should I come back?

Does Rolfing last?

What is advanced Rolfing?

How is Rolfing
different than...

Should I change my exercise routine...

How is your work different than...


Frequent Questions

4) What is advanced Rolfing?

In order to receive advanced Rolfing the client must have finished the tenseries. It also means that the Rolfer has completed their advanced training. Some Rolfers specialize in certain areas (cranial sacral, visceral manipulation, spinal mechanics, yoga etc) which may be more appropriate in advanced work.

5) How is Rolfing different than Chiropractic/Massage?

Rolfing specifically targets the soft tissue or connective tissue, there is no popping or high velocity thrusting involved, only slow gentle pressure. Unlike massage therapists Rolfers are trained to work structurally, the result are therefore more long term and not focused as much on relaxation.

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