Frequent Questions:

Can Rolfing relieve
my pain?

How often should I come back?

Does Rolfing last?

What is advanced Rolfing?

How is Rolfing
different than...

Should I change my exercise routine...

How is your work different than...


Frequent Questions

1) Can Rolfing relieve my pain?

Many people have become pain free from Rolfing Structural Integration, after one session you should know if you are on the right track.

2) How often should I come back?

In the ten series once every week to 10 days is optimal. Every two weeks is still O.K., but if you wait much longer between sessions, you will not get as much cumulative effect.

3) Does Rolfing last?

Rolfing builds a deeper intelligence into the body and just as if you took an advanced athlete (gymnast, dancer, hockey player) and retired them, the athletic body will always be more intelligent than the average body. The body intelligence of Rolfing will always be with you.

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